Winning the battle for creativity

Time for all the creative work — now or never
Picture with a green dumpster I took on a walk to give myself a break
  1. Don’t focus on being creative; focus first on being calm and relaxed. There’s plenty of advice available on how to do this: from box breathing to a tree pose to a short walk to juggling. The underlying principle that worked well for me is getting out of my head and focusing on something physical. If you’re curious about why this approach works, I recommend reading The body keeps the score.
  2. To win the battle for creativity, stop battling. Allow more time, and remove the pressure. Let go of the expectation to come up with a brilliant solution. “I’ll spend this time thinking about the problem” creates way less stress than “It’s now or never. If I don’t come up with something now, I won’t have time later.”



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Elena Borisova

Elena Borisova


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